We're passionate about our produce being clean and good for the environment, so from seed to harvest we take care to ensure that we grow only using the most wholesome methods. We use no chemicals and only utilize sustainable practices to make sure that our soil and our land stay healthy. This dedication led us to becoming Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), a peer-led high-standard certification that many our of friend farms use as well. More than half of our 5 acres is dedicated to cultivating the highest quality of mixed vegetables and herbs, and over the season, we will grow over 25,000 pounds for our community. 

eating seasonally

Growing in the great 901, we can't grow everything at all times. The Memphis summer sun doesn't allow greens to grow, and our okra and eggplants get frostbite when it's cold. Our produce calendar is true to the season, and we hope our community will do the same. Eating seasonally means eating all the kale when it's plentiful, and switching to a summer green when the temperature rises. This is a commitment to go green for our environment and our neighbors. It's a journey, but we hope you'll join us as the seasons and our crops change. 

inglorious produce

In a movement to maximize usable produce that comes from the farm, the ugly produce movement has begun. Also called inglorious produce, these imperfectly shaped items are being emphasized in the hopes that the market will offer more outlets to sell them to reduce the 6 million pounds of wasted produce in the U.S. Some stores are following suit, and even Whole Foods plans to be a part of this, rolling out their beginning trials in April 2016 in California. National Geographic's on board, and looked at the problem internationally and nationally. 

Much of the time these inglorious produce items are being sold at a discounted price, benefitting many by being more accessible to those not able to pay the higher dollar organic or local produce, and also being sustainable to the farmer by utilizing a larger portion of what is grown. 

We love this idea of being sustainable and embracing every edible item that comes from our farm. For the first time in Spring 2016, we will begin to sell inglorious produce. We'll have some items out at market, or but if you want to buy in bulk, such as tomatoes for saucing or greens for your smoothies, email sarah@rootsmemphis.org.  

Produce Index

Not recognize something in your CSA? Find it here, and click to learn who in the Roots Memphis Farm Academy grow this. 


Are you guys Organic?

No. We are Certified Naturally Grown (CNG). This certification program is peer-checked, and with standards that are more strict than USDA Organic.  Many other small farms in the Mid-South Region are CNG as well. Check out our community here. 

Can I purchase one week of produce? 

You can come buy from us at the market! Aside from the market, no. The CSA is a full season commitment in order to support our farmers throughout the growing period, and we do not sell them on a one-week basis. 

What do y'all do with old produce?

We're serious about our quality cabbage. 

We're serious about our quality cabbage. 

With produce that has gone bad, we compost or throw it out. With produce that is 'ugly' but still good to eat, we sell it as inglorious produce, or give it to our neighbors for saucing, canning, etc. We do not donate old produce. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality vegetables, so we ensure that are donated produce is top notch, just like the produce we sell to markets, CSAs, and restaurants.  Want to donate fresh produce? Plate it forward here and learn more about what you can do here. 

Do y'all have other items aside from produce?

We grow flowers and produce on the Roots Memphis farm. Aside from that, we partner from other local farms to provide our CSA members with other local goods, such as eggs.