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    Digital Society

    ●We have built the NQI (National Quality Infrastructure) service cloud platform to promote online processing of basic businesses, a new model where key resources can be matched and shared in a targeted way, institutions can complement each other with their own strengths and enterprises can collaborate online to fulfill their needs.

    ●The intelligent judicial correction platform is built under the guideline of "one platform, two centers, three systems, and four intelligent integrations" launched by the Ministry of Justice, covering the community correction integration platform (staff PC terminal, staff mobile terminal, correction object mobile terminal, social force mobile terminal), data center, command center, etc.

    ●The project management platform under construction is a platform initiated by fiscal review center to manage such projects as construction, land acquisition and demolition more efficiently, optimize approval links, streamline disbursement procedure, strengthen supervision and management of fiscal capital, so as to develop a fiscal system that makes financial work more transparent and communication channels more unimpeded.