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    About Us
    SINCE 1958
    The key hi-tech enterprise supported by the country and Shandong Province
    Dongfang Electronics Corporation is a state-owned high-tech enterprise group integrating scientific research and development, production and operation, technical services and system integration. It is a pioneer of smart grid and integrated energy management in China and one of the main suppliers of green and low-carbon smart energy system solutions. It is one of the important enterprises in the field of "industrial control, industrial software, industrial IT and industrial Internet" in China, and is one of China's top 100 software enterprises, one of the first batch of pilot enterprises of informatization and industrialization integration management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and one of the first batch of enterprises in Shandong Province to pass CMMI L5 and PCMM L3 certification.

    The Company owns one listed company of main board, two "NEEQ" listed companies, one national manufacturing single champion product enterprise, two national "Specialized, Sophisticated, Distinctive and Innovative" "little giant" enterprises, six provincial and municipal gazelle enterprises, and 11 high-tech enterprises, with total assets of RMB 10.9 billion. There are 8,300 employees with average age of 32 years, of which those with university degree or above accounted for 63%.

    Focusing on the new generation of information technology service industry and high-end intelligent manufacturing industry, the Company has built a three-line matrix of industry lines, product lines and geographical lines to promote the power grid, energy, petroleum, chemical engineering, port, rail transit, military industry and smart city industries to "automation + IT + Internet + green low carbon + digitization." Moreover, the Company has exported its products, technologies and services to India, Southeast Asia, Central Africa and other countries and regions. The Company has ranked among the top in the domestic and foreign power automation market share for more than 10 consecutive years, and its operating performance has maintained double-digit annual growth for 15 consecutive years.

    Adhering to innovation-driven and technology-based enterprises, the Company owns 18 innovation platforms such as national enterprise technology center, post-doctoral scientific research workstation, Shandong software engineering technology center, Yantai big data engineering laboratory. It has undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels, obtained 908 intellectual property rights, including 112 invention patents, led or participated in 89 national standards and 25 industry standards, and participated in the development of IEC international standards on behalf of China. The RDG-8 photoelectric paper-tape reader developed in the 1970s was successfully praised by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Military Commission and the State Council and obtained the National Silver Award in 1980. In 1982, the Company cooperated with Shandong University of Technology in developing the first microcomputer-based electric telecontrol equipment in China, which promoted the leapfrog development of China's electric power. The 10kV electronic sensors, high-voltage energy meters and E2800 integrated energy management system developed by the comprehensive application of new-generation information technology have reached the international leading position; the grid dispatching resilient cloud platform, grid marketing management system, new-generation autonomous controllable substation monitoring system, digital twin power plant and distribution network self-healing system have reached the domestic leading position; the Research and Demonstration on Key Technologies of Power Distribution System for Multi-user Interaction in Guangzhou Pearl Industrial Park, a completed national key special project, has been selected as one of the national "13th Five-year Plan" science and technology achievement exhibitions.

    The Company creates and comprehensively deepens a customer-centric Jingjin Model based on opening up the Origin of the Enterprise, builds a high-quality R&D process and management process based on the original needs of the enterprise, and promotes continuous progress at all levels as needed. In 2017, the Company implemented the mixed ownership reform, introduced strategic investors, built an innovative investment platform for high-tech industries, and promoted the two-wheel drive of "industry + capital".

    The Company has won the first prize of national enterprise management modernization innovation achievement, China Famous Trademark, China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise, National Workers Pioneer, the First Shandong Enterprise Management Award, Shandong Quality Management Award, Shandong Famous Brand Product, Shandong Enterprise Management Innovation Top Ten Enterprise, Shandong Service Famous Brand, Yantai Enterprise Management Award, Yantai Quality Management Award and other honors.

    Facing the future, the Company adheres to the Origin of the Enterprise as the guideline and digital transformation empowered, with the vision of "building a digital enterprise and enabling a digital society", accelerates the digital strategy, integrates digital technology, creates digital management, builds the digital life cycle of products, services and experiences, realizes the digitalization of the whole process of enterprise operation, promotes the construction of digital power grid, digital energy and digital society, cherishes the environment, saves resources, creates value for customers and society, and accelerates the advance towards the billion-dollar Dongfang.