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    Another Ten Technological Outcomes Authenticated: Greater Achievements in Innovation for the Development of New Power Systems
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    On December 9, the “2023 DFE Appraisal of Scientific and Technological Achievements” organized by the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering had a successful conclusion at Dongshan Guesthouse in Yantai, Shandong, where more than 50 experts from societies, associations, universities, institutes, power grid enterprises, and national experimental platforms gathered to appraise 10 innovative achievements of Dongfang Electronics Corporation (“DFE”) covering power transmission and distribution, new energy, energy storage, and virtual power plant, of which four were rated world leading in general, five world advanced in general and world leading in core technology, and one China leading in general and world advanced in core technology.

    List of Centralized Appraisal of DFE Scientific and Technological Achievements





    Virtual Power Plant Aggregation Service Platform

    World leading in general


    Industrial Plant Automation System

    World leading in general


    DF-1911 Cyber-Security Monitoring System

    World leading in general


    Autonomous and Controllable E3000 Substation Automation System

    World leading in general


    nPAC-G Autonomous and Controllable Software and Hardware Platforms

    World leading in general, of which the quad-core protection with redundant design, dynamic error correction of abnormal memory data, and high-speed transmission of sampled data with real-time correction of multi-level Hamming code are world-leading.


    DF-1910 Intelligent Communication Platform Key Technology and Application

    World leading in general, of which dynamic sensing, automatic allotment, and communication link management methods are world-leading.


    Active Support System for New Energy Station

    World leading in general, of which dynamic fitting frequency measurement and discrete reactive power coordinated control are world-leading.


    Digital High-protection and Deep-integration Environmentally Gas Ring Box

    World leading in general, of which the digitalized architecture, high protection level design and primary and secondary in-depth integration of the medium-voltage distribution ring box are world-leading.


    Low-voltage Energy Storage PCS Device

    World leading in general


    PAM-based Small-current Grounding Line Selection Device

    World leading in general, of which the algorithm of “transient data window + sampling value mutation”, the take value method of adaptive return coefficient for fault judgment, and the method of “mirror terminal + I_PAM” are world-leading.

    ▲Li Wufeng, Director of Advisory Department of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, presiding over the event

    ▲Ding Zhenhua, Chairman of the Board of DFE, giving a speech

    With the advancement of the “dual-carbon goals”, China has proposed a new strategy featuring Four Reforms and One Cooperation (reform to improve the energy consumption structure by containing unnecessary consumption, to build a more diversified energy supply structure, to improve energy technologies to upgrade the industry, and to optimize the energy system for faster growth of the energy sector; comprehensive cooperation with other countries to realize energy security in an open environment) and a major strategy to build a new electric power system and a new energy system. Against the digital transformation of the society, the electric power and energy sector has been stepping up its innovation and growth with increasing clarity in positioning, connotation, and characteristics. DFE, adhering to the philosophy of innovative development, attaches great importance to the interaction and cooperation with users and industry experts, with R&D investment exceeding 8% of the total operating income. Towards the construction of the new electric power system, DFE is actively applying modern digital technologies in product solutions with profound fusion of OT and IT, to help users solve various pain points and difficulties, for the purpose of high-quality development.

    ▲Luo An, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Ying Guangwei, Director of the Low Carbon Energy and Smart Electricity Professional Committee of Chinese Electric Power Development Promotion Association, appraising the achievements

    In the future, DFE will continue to strengthen innovation in technologies and products and make unremitting efforts to provide clean and low-carbon, safe and ample, economically efficient, supply-demand balanced, flexible and intelligent innovation support with focus on six major areas, namely scheduling and cloud application, power transmission and transformation, power distribution, new energy and energy storage, integrated energy and virtual power plant, industrial Internet, and intelligent manufacturing.