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    Be Practical and Enterprising to Forge A Bright Future |2023 Work Review of DFE
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    Year 2023 was featured by so many challenges and difficulties

    In this year, we were tightly united to make one surpassing progress after another

    Also in 2023, 

    We accelerated digital empowerment

    To drive green and low-carbon development in the industry

    Now, let’s look back to the

    Extraordinary past year

    Make new accomplishments with utmost efforts

    Outstanding results were seen in all six business sections

    In 2023, focusing on the construction of a new power systems, smart power grid, smart energies, and smart cities, we will develop  digital, green and low-carbon products, provide safe, efficient, green and intelligent innovation support for the entire chain of  power energy industry, drive the green and low-carbon development of the industry, help users eliminate various pain points and difficulties, and jointly achieve high-quality development. Our market share will definitely increase steadily.

    Scheduling and cloud service fully supported the operation of the new power systems. The cloud power grid dispatching system was built and put into operation in China Southern Power Grid, effectively assisting the new-generation dispatching system to meet the needs of new power systems. DFE was deeply involved in making cloud-edge integration technology standards of China Southern Power Grid, building demo project for cloud-edge integration in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and other places, and fully supported operation of new power systems of China Southern Power Grid. Again, independent and controllable grid access test was completed in China Southern Power Grid for E8000 system. Besides, the first Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau off-site dual active system at the ground level of China Southern Power Grid passed factory acceptance.

    In terms of power transmission and transformation, DFE adhered to innovation, with six research results passing authoritative appraisal, including three taking international lead as a whole and three being advanced internationally with parts taking international lead; The new-generation central control system, autonomous controllable substation protection and monitoring system, and intelligent inspection system have achieved fruitful results in the centralized procurement of State Grid. The new-generation large centralized control systems of State Grid have won bid for seven sets in Liaoning, seven sets in Jilin, and five sets in Heilongjiang. Besides, delivery has been kicked off to ensure safe and stable operation of power systems with leading quality and service; The State Grid’s high reliability substation pilot stations, namely, Jibu Substation in Ganzhou of Jiangxi and Xiaojian Substation in Yancheng of Jiangsu, were successfully put into operation with zero defect, both of which the first of kind in their respective provinces; DFE also obtained testing qualifications for 220kV bus-bar differential protection and transformer protection, thus laying a solid foundation for improving the status of the substation industry. Besides, the new bid for transmission and transformation will reach a new record high.

    In the digital primary and secondary integration technology of power distribution, DFE is leading the industry, with two research results passing authoritative appraisal. One of them has reached the international advanced level, and one core technology is taking international lead. China’s first quantum digital high protection grid cabinet was put into operation in Rui’an of Zhejiang, which effectively improves the disaster prevention and reduction capability of the distribution network; The distributed low-frequency and low-voltage devices in the distribution network and the multi-dimensional intelligent control system was successfully put into operation, thus promoting the digital transformation of the entire business of the smart distribution network. The smart meter business maintained in top three in the industry for eight consecutive years, and the market share of distribution digital equipment ranked among top in China for many consecutive years.

    The new energy and energy storage have reached a new level, continuously obtaining orders worth hundreds of millions of CNY, and winning consecutive bids for the Dongying Distributed Photovoltaic EPC project, the Shanghai Energy Research Institute’s Energy Storage Integrated Machine project, and the Distributed Substation Energy Storage project; In 2023, the completion of new energy products has achieved significant results. New energy grid integration devices, new energy active support systems, micro-grid and energy storage coordination controllers, broadband measurement devices, and new energy flexible control systems have been launched into the market or obtained grid access qualifications; The energy storage business has developed the largest single-unit capacity of 2,000KW centralized PCS device in China. The series of new energy storage products have been formed, and a medium and low voltage flexible interconnection system has been developed to solve the problem of new energy consumption. The low-voltage energy storage PCS series products and new energy active support systems have all passed the authoritative appraisal of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, reaching the international advanced level. DFE made presence at the China (Shandong) Energy Storage High Quality Development Conference and Exhibition, winning three major awards.

    In terms of integrated energy and virtual power plant, DFE continued to create value for customers. It was involved in building China’s first oil and gas source network load storage integrated smart energy system in Shengli Oilfield, completed the acceptance of Guangdong Province’s smart energy management project in Guangzhou University Town, built the Jiaxing zero carbon smart community national heavy project, built Shandong’s first zero-carbon smart industrial park, and promoted the creation of typical applications of energy and production integrated smart energy management in multiple industries such as Rizhao Port and Weichai. Furthermore, DFE was involved in building and operating the largest virtual power plant in China, including the promotion of the China Southern Power Grid virtual power plant in five provinces, the first batch of Shandong Huaneng virtual power plants that passed the adjustable capacity test in Shandong, the Jinan virtual power plant demo Jinan Energy Investment virtual power plant, and the first city level virtual power plant in China, Yantai Digital Virtual Power Plant. Multiple application scenarios of virtual power plants were established and applied, including State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Power Generation Group, Energy Group, park level, and city level. The virtual power plant aggregation service platform, which was developed on its own, continued to build competitiveness. It was recognized as an international leader in overall technology by the academician led expert panel appraisal. In 2023, CCTV and provincial news network reported many times the energy and virtual power plant projects that DFE was involved in. Many projects won various awards such as the first national energy electronics industry innovation contest organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    In terms of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing, the research on key technologies of digital manufacturing system for smart electricity meters passed the appraisal, and reached the international advanced level in general. Some reached the international leading level; DICOT-AI Research Center won the bid for the third and fourth batch of algorithm projects in the China Southern Power Grid competition; Assisted Sanshandao Gold Mine in building a big data center for metal mines, and create a new model for the construction and operation of “smart mines” and “ecological mining” for mining enterprises.

    International Strategy Made Steady Progress

    Market Cornerstone Further Consolidated

    In 2023, overseas orders reached a historic high. DFE made steady progress in African market, and good news came frequently from Asian and European markets. Projects in Uzbekistan, Guinea, Thailand, Cote d'Ivoire and other countries achieved localized operation, and the localized regional center in the Middle East took shape. A strategic agreement was signed with Saudi SEP to build a localized service system of sales, production, and delivery, help the world’s largest single solar power plant project (Abu Dhabi), inject green momentum into the desert. The Maldives AMI project helped power grid intelligent and digital upgrading, and jointly built a model for the construction of the “the Belt and Road”.

    Based on Two-carbon Strategy of China

    DFE Made Fruitful Results in Research Innovation

    In 2023, DFE continued to explore the path of green and low-carbon development, accurately grasped the opportunities for the construction of new power systems and new energy systems, thus providing clean and low-carbon, safe and abundant, economically efficient, supply-demand coordination, flexible and intelligent innovative support for the power energy industry, and driving the green, low-carbon, and high-quality development of the industry.

    12 research achievements have been recognized by national authorities as world leading level, overall world leading level, overall China leading level; Innovative results such as digital primary and secondary deep fusion circuit breakers, European version intelligent power harvesters, intelligent substations, autonomous controllable centralized metering devices, two detailed rules projects, high-voltage direct metering technology innovation demo projects, and China Southern Regional Power Trading Platform 2.0 have been seen everywhere; DFE release the “Yiyu AI Model” to promote innovative applications of artificial intelligence in the industry; It developed the largest single machine capacity 2,000KW centralized PCS device in China, and formed a series of new products such as energy storage; DFE integrated AI technology and advanced algorithms into intelligent inspection robots; The pace of domestic substitution for chips, electronic components, and other products has accelerated, and the overall product achieved 80% independent controllability, with some products achieving 100% substitution by China-made products

    Enhance Cooperation and Exchanges with All Parties

    DFE Brand Influence Continued to Rise

    In 2023, the digital achievements in “green and low-carbon” development were showcased at major exhibitions, attracting provincial and municipal officials and guests from all walks of life. They also had extensive exchanges with clients and experts from various industries, and received widespread attention and coverage from mainstream media such as CCTV and provincial and municipal media. Looking around the world, DFE made presence at Shenzhen International Digital Energy Exhibition, Paris Europe Power Energy Exhibition, Cape Town South Africa Power Energy Exhibition, and Jakarta Asia Power Energy and Meter Exhibition. With excellent solutions and excellent product quality, DFE won unanimous praise from Chinese and foreign customers.

    Looking back at 2023, DFE withstood many uncertain factors from the outside world, and all employees united and worked hard to overcome difficulties, achieving the goal of making ten billion CNY. The results were not easily won. Three subsidiaries of the group have been awarded double rewards by the Yantai Municipal Party Committee and Government. The joint-stock company was selected as a provincial-level digital economy park and the seventh batch of manufacturing industry champion enterprises in Shandong in 2023. It released the 2023 Enterprise ESG Report and was awarded the Top 100 Chinese Public Companies for Growth” in the value evaluation of public companies.

    Looking ahead to 2024, DFE will continue to focus on customers, prioritize high-quality business development and value creation, embark on a new journey with new determination and enthusiasm, and spare no effort to write a new chapter while heading towards a better future!